Madame Nhu


Surry HillsSurry Hills - 82 Campbell St

82 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW (corner of Foster St). Need a map or directions?
Tel: (02) 9212 3311

Bookings at Surry Hills:

We accept bookings before 7pm Sun-Thur only. Please refer to our booking policy

Chatswood - Westfield

Hawker Lane, Westfield Chatswood, ShopFM8, Level 2, 1 Anderson St
Tel: (02) 9411 1449

Sydney CBD - The Galeries (Town Hall)

Shop 5, Lower Ground, RLG13-14, The Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney. Need a map or directions?
Tel: (02) 9283 3355

General enquiry:

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